is simply brilliant! There is´nt any tool that is such as productive and effective for individual change and learning. You develop new perspectives, analyse your subject from different point of views, work on concrete courses of action.

Our definition:

individual, subject-oriented and time – limited management support by a neutral consultant. The opportunity to reflect one´s own thinking and acting, e.g. during change projects or in difficult situations – with the target to develop solutions

That´s important for us:

  • Preliminary talk to getting to know each other (free of charge). The successful collaboration between coach and client depend on the chemistry between both.
  • Clear targets for the coaching: what should be received at the end of the coaching?
  • Continuous development, 2 hours meeting every 2 weeks
  • Confidentiality: for us everything we get to know during the coaching is confidential.
  • Regular feedback to reflect the learning process



Coaching for general managers

You are successful in your business and don´t need any support for that. On the other hand there are moments you wish you had a business partner to talk to. Someone on eye level. Who knows from his own experience how to lead a company…Your coach: Heike Claussen.

Presentation coaching

You are going to hold an important presentation? You want to ensure your success? We support you: focused and individual for your great performance! Your coach: Schura Al-Asadi.