When nothing goes right – go left!


Day by day we deal with changes, we appreciate them or we don´t, they are positive or negative, big or small. It´s normal that things are changing and that is good – because change means development.

There are people who don´t like changes, they prefer consistancy. Everything should stay as it is. Fears, uncertainty, resistance are often the reaction – even more if people are used to do the same for ages in the same environment. New processes often need different behaviour. It´s not enough to advice people that they have to change.
Getting out of the comfort zone, acceptance ot the change is the first step.

HC Forum supports people and companies since 2001 “through the ages”. From developing the new vision and misson into realising the strategy into practice – change is our main competence. We define change as the chance to explore the new and gain other perspectives.
Esteem what exists, involve people, explore strength, with joy into the future adventure.

What really counts in our relationship to our customers

  • clear objectives and explicit mandate
  • act and think integral
  • take decisions about the way forward together
  • help people help themselves
  • participate those who are concerned
  • regular information
  • flexible planning (with feedback)
  • long term customer orientation
  • fair conditions